Exhibition views at Christopher Grimes Gallery
Santa Monica, California

Exhibition View from front entrance with Hinged Painting: Untitled (white/black) seen above
Christopher Grimes Gallery
Santa Monica, California

Hinged Painting: Untitled (white/black) closed
Fluids and fabrics over panel with resin and alkyd
72" x 72"  above (closed)
open (below) dimensions variable

Hinged Painting: Untitled (white/black) open side view

Exhibition view 
Hinged Paintings: Untitled (green/red) left, and Untitled: (red/yellow) right
Fluids and fabric on panel with fluorescent alkyd
Each 84" x 48" (closed)
When open dimensions variable

Exhibition View
seen above
Hinged Paintings:
  Untitled (green/red)
and Untitled (red/yellow) both open.

Hinged Painting: Untitled (green/red) open
seen here with artist (left) and nephew
to the left (partial view) Untitled (Jean) detail view below

Untitled (Jean)
Fluids in resin over holographic foil on panel
80" x 36"

Covered Site; Untitled (blue)
84" x 60"
Fluids and fabric on canvas
detail below

Covered Site: Untitled (blue)